Our experience is your strength!

We have been a leading manufacturer of building and technical profiles since 1958. Technical know-how developed through decades forms the basis for our corporate success. We use it to set standards in quality and further development of our products from the area of profile extrusion.

For our customers from the industries:

  • Automotive and industrial vehicle technology
  • Construction and furniture industry
  • Energy, light and conveyor technology
  • Container, machine, system and shop construction
  • Household and home appliances


we develop solutions that convince in all details together with our partners.

Our quality claim permeates our entire company: From production of the simplest components to the most efficient design of our automation processes, to management decisions that affect operational development as a whole.

We use a number of different materials and material combinations in order to offer the most wide-spread product range in compliance with our customers' needs. We process, among others, polypropylene, polystyrene, hard and soft PVC, polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, polyethylene, TPE, materials with fibreglass and wollastonite shares, ABS-/PC-blends and organic plastics or fibre composites. Our colour range permits further adjustment options. Our standard range already comprises more than 2,700 colour recipes and can be supplemented according to RAL, NCS or individually as the customer desires.

We are aware of the effects of our entrepreneurial actions on the environment in every single phase. We have consistently committed to sustainable action and develop products that are characterised by high shares of reusability long life cycles and waiver of dangerous contents.